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We have all your needs covered with the best cinema equipment portfolio and comprehensive technical services for your theater.

Our team is ready to help you with your specific product needs and projects, please contact us.

Cinema Equipment

We offer cinema projectors, servers, screens, seating, audio, concession, 3D equipment and more.

Cinema Design and Installation

Tailor-made solutions to your specific theater needs. We assist with each phase of the project from requirements, to implementation.


Regular maintenance for your projectors, servers and audio equipment is crucial to keep them running optimally and prolong their life.

Technical Support

Our NOC provides pro-active remote monitoring and support when you need it most. Our team of experts carefully oversee your cinema to ensure infrastructure and equipment and provide support 365 days a year.


ATMOS Design and Installation

We design, certify and install Dolby ATMOS sound for your movie theater.

Upgrade your existing lamp projector to laser technology

The Laser Light Upgrade enables you to upgrade your lamp projector to a laser system by replacing the light source engine, making high-quality laser technology affordable and accessible.

  • Save on lamp changes and electricity bill, up to 70% savings on operational costs.

  • Extend lifetime of your projector: 30,0000 hours of laser light lifetime.
  • Less maintenance, less cost: frequent maintenance is a thing of the past. Enjoy peace of mind with your equipment.