Silverspot Cinema is pleased to announce that construction has been completed at its Downtown Miami theater. Silverspot offers guests an immersive cinematic experience, complete with in-theater dining, unparalleled technology, with chic style and ambiance. Amenities include cutting-edge laser projectors, recliner seats with dining tables, a world-class bar and lounge, offering guests an unrivaled high-tech experience with first-class comforts.

Silverspot has chosen Bardan Cinema, Inc. as their main Provider, Integrator and Partner for their Flagship Downtown Miami Project to deliver their immersive cinematic experience coupled with the latest state of the art cinema technology.

Bardan provided its comprehensive site planning, projector selection, integration and technical assistance throughout the deployment followed by our top-notch service agreement though DCinemanoc Network Operations Center, which offers 19/7 comprehensive monitoring and remote support, assuring Silverspot optimum equipment health and minimum downtime.

With construction complete, the theater nearly doubles the number of movie screens previously open, boasting six floors, 17 screens, 1483 seats, three 3D screens, and private event space totaling over 75,000 sq ft.

The Downtown Miami location is Silverspot’s flagship cinema in its rapidly growing national portfolio of dine-in theaters. “We’re proud to contribute to the amazing growth of the greater Downtown Miami area and look forward to sharing a world-class entertainment destination with our community,” said Gonzalo Ulivi, Managing Partner of Silverspot Cinema.

The grand opening marks the inauguration of our Dolby Atmos Theater, a state-of-the-art auditorium featuring the latest in movie theater technology. The star theater utilizes the Dolby Atmos system creating moving sound throughout the theater and results in a powerfully immersive entertainment experience. The theater sets a new standard in cinema visual quality, with Cinionic Barco High Contrast Laser Projection. The leading laser solution delivers vivid, sharper and brighter presentation, and is coupled with a gigantic 51 ft x 22 ft screen exclusively made for laser projection, provided by Bardan’s integration services.

“We’re excited to present Silverspot as the premier destination for film, libations, food and entertainment, a new experience to Downtown Miami,” said Ulivi. “Silverspot serves as a window for culture, film festivals and popular Hollywood productions.”