Vista Cinema, the world leader in cinema management software solutions, today announced its ‘Cinema Reopening Kit’, with the aim of supporting cinemas as their doors begin to reopen. The kit includes a series of products, features and suggestions that exhibitors can utilize as they adapt their cinemas and resume business. There is a strong emphasis on a self-serve, contactless experience, to keep both moviegoers and staff safe and comfortable, providing a blueprint into what the future of moviegoing could look like.

The kit takes into consideration the technology needed to support every step of the moviegoer journey: from booking tickets and seats at home, ordering and picking up concessions and ensuring a safe experience once at the cinema. Some key features, all of which will be released in the coming weeks, include social distance seating, contact tracing, digital tickets, self-serve F&B and self-scan tickets.

One of the key features in the kit, “Dynamic Social Distancing,” launched Monday. This revolutionary seating solution automatically restricts seat reservations during booking to ensure safe distances are maintained between moviegoers. EVO Entertainment Group, which opened its Texas theatres on Monday, plans to limit occupancy to 25% during a phase 1 reopening. They are already using “Dynamic Social Distancing” to automatically force a two-seat spacing between groups within a row, as well as alternating rows to create six feet of social distancing space to the front and rear of a customer.

Mitchell Roberts, Group CEO at EVO says: “A key focus for us as we reopen is on earning the trust of moviegoers and giving them the confidence to return to cinemas. Understandably some people may be nervous about returning to social spaces, and we owe it to our clients and staff to set a great example. The support and understanding from Vista Cinema during this time has been tremendous, and tools such as ‘Dynamic Social Distancing’ are key in helping us adapt our cinemas so staff and moviegoers feel they can return safely.”

Mark Pattie, VP of Product, Vista Cinema says: “Our clients rely on our product support and innovation and one of the key focuses for us during this period has been to work with them to understand their needs as they plan to reopen. We’ve really thought about the ways in which our software can help cinemas achieve the best results for their staff and guests.”

Pattie continued “All features within the kit consider the necessary safety of staff and moviegoers. For example, modules such as CXM and Self Scan power paperless digital tickets which can be emailed to guests with concession purchases automatically added and the ability to self-scan once at the cinema. This reduces direct contact massively and provides a seamless experience for the moviegoer.”

Leon Newnham, Chief Executive, Vista Cinema says: “One of our aims with this kit is to ensure our cinema partners have access to all the technology and support they may need as they begin to adapt and reopen. Therefore, we’ll be providing a licence free of charge until October 31, 2020 for any module not currently licensed by a cinema partner where they wish to use a new feature in that module for their reopening.”

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