Streamline your theater operations with our comprehensive TMS solution. Acting as a centralized hub for content and KDM management, our software offers a user-friendly dashboard that gives you complete visibility and control over each screen.

Effortlessly build playlists, schedule, transfer content and manage multiple screens with automation and smart features, allowing you to run your theater smoothly and efficiently from a centralized location. Our TMS software is designed to empower cinemas of all sizes, whether you have a small, single-screen or drive-in theater or a large, multi-screen complex.

Our team of specialized technicians is dedicated to supporting you in implementing and optimizing your theater’s efficiency. They will ensure a seamless integration process and provide ongoing assistance whenever you need it.

Some of the advantages of centralizing your operations with a TMS:

  • Use a single intuitive interface to manage your entire theater.
  • Enable KDMs to automatically ingest and transfer to the correct screen ahead of playback, all while providing a color-coded alert status.
  • Build shows once, and transfer or swap screens easily, duplicate and schedule shows throughout the week.
  • Simplify repetitive tasks, reduce operational costs, and stay on top of your content.
  • Integrate with your POS to sync show schedule and save time on scheduling
  • Automate your theater by customize and pre-set your auditorium settings, including volume and lighting, to enable easy-switch for every screening.

We look forward to helping you enhance your cinema management experience!