DepthQ® CineBright™ Light-Recycling for 3D Digital Cinema

Passive Polarization for 3D Digital Cinema

  • Optical efficiency of up to 31%¹
  • Throw ratio as wide as 1:1 Scope and 1.45:1 in Flat
  • Dark time: 50-350 μs (use fastest projector setting)
  • Patented in the US (Pending in Europe and Canada)
  • 3D Cinema Five Year Optical Warranty –
    Three Year Electronics/Mechanical Warranty



DepthQ CineBright – Brighter 3D from Lightspeed Design, Inc.

Lightspeed Design, Inc. is pleased to announce DepthQ CineBright 3D, a high-brightness passive polarization solution for 3D digital cinema. This innovative, patented light recycling system delivers a dramatically brighter 3D image for your guests while maintaining DepthQ’s superior optics, speed, sharp focus, low-crosstalk, advanced heat protection and 5 year optical warranty.Increased light efficiency coupled with the shortest dark time in the industry provide new revenue-generating and cost-saving opportunities through flexibility in screen, audience and lamp sizes.


Lightspeed Design, Inc. / DepthQ is pleased to announce that the United States
Patent and Trademark Office has issued U.S. Patent No. 9,494,805 “Stereoscopic Light Recycling Device” for its DepthQ CineBright 3D high-brightness passive polarization product.

Chris Ward, President of Lightspeed Design said, “The issue of this patent validates the unique design of our DepthQ CineBright product and establishes it as a legitimate alternative for theater owners who want to present royalty-free, high-brightness, high-quality 3D. Our innovative invention brings renewed competition to the U.S. cinema market, where to date alternative high-brightness polarization products have been barred from entering or being sold.”

CineBright’s unique patented design is now protected in the United States. In the key intellectual property territories of Canada and the European Union, CineBright includes patented and patent-pending technologies: CA 2907565A1, EP 2959341A1.

The DepthQ CineBright 3D high brightness passive polarization product is also covered by worldwide intellectual property insurance through Lloyd’s cover holder, Intellectual Property Insurance Services Corporation (IPISC). The minimum one million dollar policy was only made available after an extensive and sophisticated legal analysis, reviewed by independent third party intellectual property experts. Click for full press release.

    • IPISC has been in the business of protecting clients’ IP assets for 25 years.
    • Lloyd’s is the world’s insurance and reinsurance market specialist.
    • Lightspeed Design, Inc., Bellevue, WA, USA, has 23 years of experience in 3D film & stereoscopic technology development.
CineBright™ Front CineBright™ Back CineBright™ Leveler

Technical Specifications 1

    • Compatible with all DCI projectors
    • Optical light efficiency: Up to 31% *
    • Dark time: 50-350 µsec (use fastest setting)
    • Maximum lamp capacity: 7 KW+ (unlimited)
    • Maximum screen width at 4.5 FL: 24.3 meters (79.7 ft)
      Maximum screen width at 6.0 FL: 21 meters (69 ft)
    (30K lumens,25% overhead)

  • Throw ratio FLAT: >= 1.45:1; SCOPE: >= 1.0:1
  • Minimum throw distance: 11 meters (36.09 ft)
  • Contrast/Ghost: >100:1 in each eye
  • HFR ready: Yes, 192, 240 Hz and higher
  • Heat protection: metallic pre-polarizer
  • Mount: Includes leveler and automated 2D/3D actuator
  • Automation:
    • actuator triggered from external control signal,
    • TCP/IP, auto or manual button
    • Warranty: 5 year optical, 3 year electronic
    • LC Switching time: 50 µsec (symmetrical)
    • LC Operating temp at optical surface: +5° to 52° C (40° to 125° F)
      • Operating temperature not to exceed 52° C
      • Non-condensing/low humidity
    • Clear aperture:
      • Top light path: 36.49 cm (14.37 in) x 15.24 (6 in)
      • Bottom light path: 25.08 cm (9.875 in) x 10.47 cm (4.125 in)
    • Overall dimensions:
      • Length: 42.54 cm (16.75 in)
      • Width: 17.44 cm (6.87 in)
      • Height: 34.92 cm (13.75 in)
    • Weight:
      • CineBright: 15.4 Kg (34 lbs)
      • Leveler only: 3.17 Kg (7 lbs)
  • Input voltage: 100-240VAC, 50-60 Hz
  • Input current: 900mA
  • Output voltage: 29VDC
  • Output current: 2A

*Your optical light efficiency will vary based on 3D glass manufacturer’s product specifications.

CineBright™ in action, Pic 1, Belgium 2014

CineBright™ in action, Pic 2, Belgium 2014

CineBright™ in action, Pic 3, Belgium 2014

CineBright™ in action, Pic 4, Belgium 2014


DepthQ CineBright™ light recycling for 3D digital cinema – Belgium.


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