After 2020, Sony Digital Cinema will no longer manufacture projectors for professional movie theatres, a decision that was confirmed for Digital Cinema Report by a top Sony executive. The company will continue to honor all of the maintenance agreements it has with existing customers and will continue to sell professional digital cinema projectors through the end of the year.

The technology director for a national theatre chain, and one of Sony Digital Cinema’s oldest and largest customers, said he learned about the decision some time ago. “They will be providing parts and support for several more years but all production has ended,” he said. He asked that his name not be used because he’s on furlough during the COVID-19 crisis and is not authorized to speak for his company. “I’ll need to work out the details with Sony when I get back to work.”

He continued, “I’ve had some suspicions about Sony’s future for quite a while, which is why I’ve been working so much with Cinionic over the last year to better meet [our] standards. We have Cinionic/Barco projectors in three of our theatres already and have ordered their new SP4K model for our [most recent] expansion.”

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