Christie CP42LH

Christie CP42LH high frame rate 3DLP 4K RGB laser projector head

  • Screen size Up to 105ft (32m)
  • Brightness 5,000 – 60,000 lumens (1-12 Laser Modules)
  • Long operational and stable life – 30,000 hours to 80% brightness
  • 4K, high frame rate
  • High-brightness, natural 3D – 14 fL and DCI-specified color in 3D on giant screens without any viewing
  • Optimal performance on low-gain white screen
  • Built-in redundancies for improved reliability – multiple light modules with independent cooling systems


The Christie® CP42LH projector head represents the pinnacle of RGB laser cinema projection design. Producing brightness levels up to 60,000 lumens and a color gamut that exceeds the DCI P3 color and replicates the Rec. 2020 space, the CP42LH is the most advanced RGB laser cinema projection system on the market. Available in single-head (3P) and dual-head (6P) configurations, the CP42LH offers exhibitors a projection solution that allows them to define their own giant screen solution.

Christie scalable ​laser illumination

The Christie scalable ​laser illumination platform consists of rack-mounted laser modules. Each laser module produces up to 5,000 lumens of white light. Because of the scalability of this platform, up to 12 laser modules can be easily added, removed, activated or disabled depending on the brightness requirements. This provides up to 60,000 lumens per rack. Shorter racks with a capacity of seven laser modules, or up to 35,000 lumens, are also available. Each laser module is also independently cooled, providing built-in fault protection, improved efficiency and ultimate reliability.


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