In an era where cinema technology rapidly evolves, staying ahead means embracing innovation. For movie theater owners and managers, we are offering a great opportunity to future-proof your Barco Series 2 Xenon. This year is your last chance to upgrade and enhance the longevity and performance of your Series 2 hardware, not only improving the viewing experience but also substantially reducing operational costs.

The Laser Light Upgrade, a retrofit solution, transforms traditional lamp-based projection into a beacon of laser precision, offering up to 70% energy savings. With no major upfront investment required, it’s an affordable pathway to adopting high-quality laser technology. The upgrade delivers a brighter, sharper picture, consistent brightness levels, and eliminates the frequent maintenance and bulb replacement associated with traditional projectors.

Beyond the immediate visual and operational benefits, the retrofit comes with a compelling 5-year warranty on laser components, ensuring peace of mind for cinema operators. Certified technicians perform the upgrade, guaranteeing a seamless transition to laser projection with minimal downtime.

As we approach the conclusion of this special offer, it’s a critical time to invest in a sustainable, efficient cinema solution. Upgrading to laser not only enhances the movie-going experience but also meets the increasing demand for environmentally friendly entertainment options. Don’t miss this final chance to elevate your cinema’s projection capabilities at an outstanding value.

Check out our Laser Upgrade page for more information and Contact Us for pricing information. We look forward to hearing from you!