The current global situation may mean many of you are forced to close theaters for a while. To support you in this time, and to prevent possible issues when re-opening your theaters (and rebooting technology), we have put together some guidance to help make sure you are prepared:

What’s affected by a prolonged switch off?

You need to consider all Barco projectors and spare parts with a battery inside. Over time, batteries drain, and low batteries create issues when re-booting a projector or the board. Boards with a battery inside include the TI Cinema Interface board, Barco ICP, Barco ICMP and Barco ICMP-X.

Shutting down projectors

For all Barco Series 2 projectors in operation for five or more years, we recommend replacing all replaceable batteries. Additionally, for the Barco Series 1 projectors with a TI Cinema Interface board (Enigma) our recommendation is to boot-up the projector at least once a month for a minimum of 12 hours continuously. In case these preventive measures have not, or cannot be executed, we strongly recommend keeping the projector electronics powered at all times.

Spare parts

For the Barco ICP, ICMP and ICMP-X spare parts every replaceable battery needs to be replaced every five years. For the TI Cinema Interface board, the board needs to be recharged every 6 months for 6-hours continuously.

Storing projectors

For all projectors installed in a booth, please protect them against dust by covering them. For all projectors stored in a warehouse or during the startup of projectors, please ensure the right environmental circumstances as shown below:






Replacing batteries

• For Barco ICMP / ICMP-X batteries: Detailed instructions can be found in the ICMP / ICMP-X service manual in paragraph “4.6 Replacement of the battery”

• For Barco ICP batteries: Detailed instructions can be found in any projector service manual (DPxK-BLP service manual as reference) under the topic “Replacement of the RTC battery of the ICP board”

A detailed description on ICP, ICMP and ICMP-X battery replacement is also available in the service bulletins 1298 and 1381.

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