LOS ANGELES (October 17, 2023)  – Cinionic, a subsidiary of Barco and a prominent figure in the world of laser cinema technology, unveiled its latest Barco laser projector, crafted specifically for post-production purposes. This reveal took place at the SMPTE 2023 Media Technology Summit in Hollywood, featuring a special demonstration of the new projector. The projector, named Barco Series 4 SP4K-P, is a part of Cinionic’s acclaimed Barco Series 4 laser family and marks the first of its kind, designed to cater specifically to the post-production sector’s distinct requirements.

As of today, Cinionic’s Laser Projection technology is a cornerstone in over 35,000 theaters globally. Since its introduction in 2014, laser technology in cinema has risen to become the dominant standard for movie presentations worldwide. The Barco Series 4 SP4K-P, Cinionic’s latest innovation, introduces advanced tools aimed at enhancing content creation, thereby enriching both the filmmaking process and the cinema-viewing experience with laser technology.

Building upon the foundation laid by the Barco DP4K-P, the Barco Series 4 SP4K-P offers the necessary color range and contrast, vital in realizing a studio’s artistic vision in modern laser-equipped cinemas. This latest Series 4 model fuses the prowess of laser projection with specialized software, facilitating more efficient editing workflows. It also features a xenon-look capability to ensure uniform image quality across various theater projection technologies. The Series 4 SP4K-P projector is a revolutionary tool in grading for both laser and xenon presentations, supporting the evolving requirements of creative professionals during the ongoing shift towards laser technology.

Wim Buyens, CEO of Cinionic, remarks, “Laser technology by Cinionic has emerged as the new benchmark in cinema, with the global network of theaters employing laser technology expanding swiftly.” He adds, “As a company dedicated to the cinema industry, Cinionic is committed to enhancing the film-watching experience across the entire theatrical ecosystem. The Barco Series 4 SP4K-P is the latest addition to our laser portfolio, blending our extensive experience in film presentation with the advantages of laser technology to ensure that the audience’s visual experience aligns with the filmmakers’ artistic vision and aspirations.”

The design of the Barco SP4K-P is meticulously crafted to meet the specific needs of the post-production industry. It boasts features that support exceptional laser image craftsmanship, including REC2020 color gamut, a 5000:1 contrast level, and compatibility with HDR grading solutions. This projector maintains the quality and capabilities of its predecessors while empowering filmmakers to address the demands of future cinema experiences.

As we continue to witness groundbreaking advancements in cinema technology, the Barco Series 4 SP4K-P represents a significant leap forward, bringing unprecedented quality and innovation to the post-production process. Its introduction, along with the Cinionic Laser Screen 2.4, marks a new era in cinematic experience that is both visually stunning and technologically advanced.

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