This month the traditional Alfa Cinema turned 40 years old and to celebrate such an important date one of the technological advances at the world level was be presented: the laser projection.

The owner of the rooms of Patricias Argentinas, Susana Cernuschi, said that in Argentina there are only 10 projectors of this type. Eight in Buenos Aires, one in Corrientes and another in Córdoba, so it is state of the art.

The projector is a Barco DP2K-23BLP. This type of projector uses a laser light source unlike the traditional xenon lamp providing superior light quality, the same brightness throughout the screen, does not need air extraction, energy savings of up to 50%, and a life useful that can reach up to 40000 hours against the average 1500 of a xenon lamp depending on the equipment.

Bardan Argentina has been operating in the country for 7 years, currently serving theaters throughout the country, providing advice on projects from building plans in the construction of cinemas from its foundations to renovations.

Advice on concessions and commercial strategies with trained technical personnel throughout the territory, immediate remote assistance.

Together with Nexo Soluciones has developed an integrated software solution that sells throughout South America, the concept is that all is centralized and offers mobile app solutions, online sales, ticketing, concessions, digital billboard among others.

Bardan Argentina sells everything that a cinema needs and has a permanent stock in the country offering financing to cut the needs of customers.

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